Carol Beltrand, M.A.

Career and Retirement Coaching
Via Skype, Facetime, or WebX

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As a career and retirement coach, I listen to my clients. I help them identify goals and define strategies. I provide creative ideas and practical advice for successfully transitioning into, and back out of, the world of work.

Life isn’t always fun and games, but with the right fit, it can feel that way.

I believe in your success!

Sports teams have cheerleaders
Pilots have navigators
Presidents have advisors
Isn’t it time you got a coach?


Starting a Career

Congratulations Graduate! You’re all set, right? You’ve probably been told “the world is your oyster” and “you can do/be anything you want.” But it’s not that easy. Maybe you don’t know what you want. Or you do know what you want, but not how to get there. Then again, sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Trouble is, you hardly know anyone. Yet. You’ll make connections, you have time on your side. But time isn’t always enough. Get a coach on your side. Call Carol.

Retired or Nearing Retirement

You’ve dreamed of this, planned financially, worked everything out. But retirement doesn’t look the way you thought it would. Maybe life has thrown you a curve ball. Or you’ve done everything you wanted, and you’re looking for the next phase. The world changes and we need to change with it. I can help you reset goals and consider your dreams from a different perspective. Get me in your corner, and we’ll create a fresh plan for your present and your future. Call Carol.

Success Stories

 “Carol helped me… incorporate career and lifestyle passions…showing me how much broader the marketplace is for my specialized skill set than I’d imagined, giving me more options and relieving the feeling of being stuck in a niche. She helped me clarify my priorities then showed how they could complement one another. She helped me slim down job applications to ones that targeted these goals while also showing me how to format my resume and online profile to fit. I’ve used campus councilors [but] when it comes to everything else that goes into finding the job that sets you on your chosen life path, they can’t compare with the focused and invested effort of Carol Beltrand.”

- Matt Paliwoda, Aerospace

 “Carol helped me get grounded and inspired at a time where I felt overwhelmed with fears and inexperience. I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone in a period of transition. I met with Carol at a crucial time in my transition between law school and the workforce. I was sure of the general area of law that I wanted to work in, but struggled with aligning my aspirations with my financial needs and talents. Carol was able to help me articulate my professional and personal goals with specificity and to make concrete suggestions about next steps towards these aims. She also helped me to identify key areas of skill and weakness, and guided me in strategies to capitalize on my strengths and improve areas about which I felt insecure.”

-Melinda B., Law

About Me

Carol Beltrand, M.A.
Transitions Coach

After completing a Master of Arts degree in Counseling, I followed my dream, traveling extensively both professionally and personally. I currently live just outside of New York City. What qualifies me to help you? I’ve been there. I’ve worked through my own complicated search, and I continue to grow my vision for the future.

How it Works

Most coaching sessions take place via Facetime, Skype, or WebX, although it is possible to meet with me via telephone or, in some cases, in person. Between sessions, you can email me, so you won’t need to wait if you have specific questions about something we’ve discussed in session. I am usually able to respond to messages within twenty-four hours.
My clients are best served by scheduling a minimum of three sessions, with at least ninety days between the first and third sessions. Circumstances change, feelings change, and three months allows for shifts in how we plan for success!

Contact me for an initial consultation and pricing information.